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BeamZ_BT300_v1 10ch.hed 100644 2.21kB
BoomToneDJ_Dynamo_9ch.hed 100644 3.42kB
BoomToneDJ_SlimPar 7_RGBMSFD.hed 100644 1.78kB
McCrypt_RGB_4ch.hed 100644 1.54kB
Renkforce_MatrixBeam_13ch.hed 100644 3.27kB
Raven's MagicQ Fixture Definitions ======= This repo contains various custom head definitions for Chamsys MagicQ. The custom icons used can be found in the folder 'icons'. They're my work, feel free to use as you like (PD0). Manuals found on the internet are included for convenience. Some LED pars are missing ranges for their FX channels. Included Heads: * BeamZ BT300 LED Flat PAR 12x12W 6-1 DMX IR (note: _V1_, not V2) * BoomToneDJ Dymano Scan LED * BoomToneDJ SlimPar 7 Tri-3 * McCrypt 420.132 (SQ)(W) 36W RGB LED PAR 4ch * Renkforce Matrix Beam Moving Head 9 x 12 W