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# freewvs A local web vulnerability scanner. freewvs is a tool to search webroots for know vulnerable versions of web applications. ## faq #### What does freewvs do? It scans your webroot for known vulnerable versions of popular web applications. #### What does the output tell me? Output looks like this: ``` Joomla-3 3.9.11 (3.9.13) CVE-2019-18674 /home/joe/websites/joessite/ ``` This says that in /home/joe/websites/joessite/, there's a Joomla installation of version 3.9.11. This version is vulnerable to CVE-2019-18674 and you should update to version 3.9.13. #### CVE-2019-XXXX seems to be very minor, at least it doesn't affect me. Am I safe? No, as freewvs only checks for the latest vulnerabilities. There may be other vulnerabilities in your version not listed by freewvs. The only way to be sure is to check the upstream changelog. #### There is no version inside the brackets, what does that mean? It means your web application has not released a security update. Often this means the software is no longer developed. ## misc freewvs was developed by [ hosting]( It's licensed as CC0.