"situations": [
		{"id": "x00", "name": "fore"},
		{"id": "x01", "name": "back"},
		{"id": "x02", "name": "up"},
		{"id": "x03", "name": "down"},
		{"id": "x04", "name": "left"},
		{"id": "x05", "name": "right"},
		{"id": "x06", "name": "in"},
		{"id": "x07", "name": "out"},
		{"id": "x08", "name": "on"},
		{"id": "x09", "name": "between"}
	"types": [
		{"id": "pos", "name": "Positive"},
		{"id": "dir", "name": "Directive"}
	"references": [
		{"id": "abs", "name": "Absolute"},
		{"id": "rel", "name": "Relative"},
		{"id": "att", "name": "Attributive"}
	"words": [
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x00", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["for"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x00", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["for (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x00", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["for arend"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x00", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["to for"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x00", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["to for (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x01", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["bak"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x01", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["bak (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x01", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["bak arend"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x01", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["to bak"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x01", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["to bak (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["uver"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["uver (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["uver arend"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["to uver"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["to uver (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x03", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["neder"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x03", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["neder (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x03", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["neder arend"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x03", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["to neder"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x03", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["to neder (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x04", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["vinst"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x04", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["vinst (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x04", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["vinst arend"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x04", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["to vinst"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x04", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["to vinst (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x05", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["hög"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x05", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["hög (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x05", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["hög arend"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x05", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["to hög"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x05", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["to hög (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x06", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["ine"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x06", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["ine (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x06", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["ine arend"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x06", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["in"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x06", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["in (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x07", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["ute"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x07", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["ute (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x07", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["ute arend"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x07", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["ut"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x07", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["ut (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x08", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["upe"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x08", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["upe (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x08", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["upe arend"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x08", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["up"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x08", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["up (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x09", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["mel"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x09", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["mel (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x09", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["mel arend"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x09", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["to mel"]},
		{"language_id": "fs", "situation_id": "x09", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["to mel (lut)"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x00", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["in front"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x00", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["in front of"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x00", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["fore", "front"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x00", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["forward"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x00", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["in front of"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x01", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["back"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x01", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["behind"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x01", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["rear", "hind"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x01", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["backward", "behind"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x01", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["behind"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["on top"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["over", "above"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["upper"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["up"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["over", "above"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x03", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["below"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x03", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["under"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x03", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["lower"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x03", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["down"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x03", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["under"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x04", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["left"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x04", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["left from"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x04", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["left"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x04", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["to the left"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x04", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["to the left of"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x05", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["right"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x05", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["right from"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x05", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["right"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x05", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["to the right"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x05", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["to the right of"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x06", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["inside"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x06", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["in", "inside from"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x06", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["inner"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x06", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["in"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x06", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["into"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x07", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["outside"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x07", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["out", "outside from"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x07", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["outer"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x07", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["out"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x07", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["out of"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x08", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["upon"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x08", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["thereon"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x08", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": []},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x08", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["on"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x08", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["onto"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x09", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["inbetween"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x09", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["between"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x09", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["middle"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x09", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["between"]},
		{"language_id": "en", "situation_id": "x09", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["between"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x00", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["vorn(e)"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x00", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["vor (+dat.)"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x00", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["vorder-er/e/es"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x00", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["vor","nach vorn"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x00", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["vor (+acc.)"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x01", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["hinten"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x01", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["hinter (+dat.)"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x01", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["hinter-er/e/es"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x01", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["hinter","nach hinten"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x01", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["hinter (+acc.)"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["oben"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["über (+dat.)"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["ober-er/e/es"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["hoch","nach oben"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["über (+acc.)"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x03", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["unten"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x03", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["unter (+dat.)"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x03", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["unter-er/e/es"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x03", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["(hin-/her-)unter","nach unten"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x03", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["unter (+acc.)"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["links"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["links von (+dat.)"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["link-er/e/es"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["nach links"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": []},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["rechts"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "rel", "words": ["rechts von (+dat.)"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "pos", "reference_id": "att", "words": ["recht-er/e/es"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "abs", "words": ["nach rechts"]},
		{"language_id": "de", "situation_id": "x02", "type_id": "dir", "reference_id": "rel", "words": []}