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# SMS This is a simple bash script that allows you to send sms-textmessages using the the HTTP-API of `````` It supports a simple contact-list, and entering your message using vim. ## Recipient When prompted ```To:``` you can either enter a number, corresponding to a entry in the contact-list (which will be printed), or enter a phone number (starting with ```0``` or ```+``` ). The number will be posted to ```httpsms.php``` and phrased there. (aka. you can use any format, both when prompted and in the contact-list, that their backend can pharse) Please note that ```contacts``` needs to be in the format of ```^name,phonenumber$```, one entry per line. (see ```contacts_example```) ## Message body When prompted ```Message: ``` you can either enter your message directly or enter one of the following to get to the corresponding prompt/editor; * ```cat``` cat (crtl-d to finish editing) * ```sed``` sed (empty line to finish editing) * ```vim``` vim (close editor to finish editing) (ps. preserves message if it is or can not be sent) Before sending the message you are prompted whether it should be sent. (```n``` will set ``action=info``; the request will be sent, however ```httpsms.php``` will only return information (how it interpreted your input and whether the message could be sent) but not send the message.) ## Config ```config_example``` should be more or less self-explanatory. Note that ```user``` is your username and ```password``` the md5-hash of the coresponding password. And you are going to want to set ```action=info``` when first testing this script. (ps. md5 is a fairly old, easy to dehash algorithm and http:// is not encrypted. Hence I strongly recommend using a unique password for that site. (you are going to be doing the equivalent of ```hanging your password on the nearest blackboard``` if you use their API.))