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     <p>Are you interested in furthering research into anonymous
 communications? Are you concerned about the state of surveillance and
 lack of privacy on the Internet today?</p>
     <p>If so, <a href="<page about/contact>">contact us</a> to talk more
 about how we can help you and your organization.</p>
     <p>The Tor Project is staffed by some of the top researchers in
 anonymous communications, Internet circumvention and privacy.  We are
 currently funded to improve the state of online anonymity globally
 through various <a href="<page about/sponsors>">sponsors</a>.  Our
 <a href="">current list of projects</a> is available.
 Please join us to further online anonymity!</p>
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     <h2>Tor's Mission Statement is:</h2>
     <p><i>The Corporation is organized and shall be operated exclusively for
     scientific, charitable and educational purposes within the meaning
     of section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, including (a)
     to develop, improve and distribute free, publicly available tools
     and programs that promote free speech, free expression, civic
     engagement and privacy rights online; (b) to conduct scientific
     research regarding, and to promote the use of and knowledge about,
     such tools, programs and related issues around the world; (c) to
     educate the general public around the world about privacy rights
     and anonymity issues connected to Internet use.</i></p>
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