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  	<h1>Past Contributors</h1>

<dt>Sherief Alaa, Support</dt>
<dd>Arabic translator, worked on videos, documentation, and helpdesk.</dd>

<dt>Alexandre Allaire, Developer</dt>
<dd>Helped develop and package Flash Proxy.</dd>

<dt>Carolyn Anhalt</dt>
<dd>Coordinated translations and translators for all of tor's content;
website, products, and materials.</dd>

<dt>Jacob Appelbaum, Advocate, Developer</dt>
<dd>Represented Tor at conferences and trainings, and developed tools
for the Tor ecosystem. Ran one of the Tor directory authorities.</dd>

<dt>Thomas S. Benjamin</dt>
<dd>Anonymous communications and bridge distribution
researcher. His other work can be found on his <a
href="http://cryptocracy.net/">personal website</a>.</dd>

<dt>Katherine Bergeron</dt>
<dd>Helped streamlining our operations, including fundraising, merchandise
management, travel, and other projects.</dd>

<dt>Domenik Bork</dt><dd> Worked on
Configuration of Hidden Services with User Authorization in Vidalia as
part of Google Summer of Code 2008.</dd>
<dt>Benedikt Boss</dt><dd>Worked during the 2007 Google Summer of Code on <a
a fuzzer for Tor; mentored by Roger.</dd>

<dt>Caspar Bowden, Director (1961 - 2015)</dt>
<dd>Caspar was an advocate for Tor in Europe and a specialist in data
protection policy, EU and US surveillance law, PET research, identity
management, and information ethics and philosophy. He was formerly the
chief privacy advisor at Microsoft. He believed that people in every
country deserved the right to privacy irrespective of national
borders. He predicted US mass surveillance programs such as PRISM
and was vindicated after the Snowden revelations. We miss him

<dt>John Brooks, Ricochet Developer</dt>
<dd>Leads <a href="https://ricochet.im/">Ricochet</a>, a
decentralized chat system where every user is an onion service.
Also a core contributor to Tor onion service development.</dd>

<dt>Ren Bucholz</dt><dd>Our fine logo and images.</dd>

<dt>Fallon Chen</dt><dd> Worked on
Improving Tor Path Selection (<a
and <a
151</a> as part of Google Summer of Code 2008.</dd>

<dt>Bram Cohen</dt><dd>Helped design our congestion control mechanisms,
in Tor's early days.</dd>

<dt>Pat Double</dt><dd>Creator of the Incognito LiveCD.</dd>

<dt>Christopher Davis, Libevent hacker</dt>
<dd>Worked during Google Summer of Code 2009 on porting
Polipo to Windows.  He currently helps with the libevent
bufferevent code.</dd>

<dt>Kevin Dyer</dt>
<dd>Main developer of <a
href="https://fteproxy.org/">fteproxy</a>, and part of the
pluggable transports team.</dd>

<dd>Originally helped lead the support team,
Debian packaging, and Tor Weekly News issues. Now working on
<a href="https://reproducible-builds.org/">Reproducible

<dt>Matt Edman</dt>
<dd>Original developer for Vidalia,
a cross-platform Tor Graphical User Interface included in the bundles.</dd>

<dt>Christian Fromme, Developer</dt>
<dd>Helped with many Python projects, such as the
get-tor email auto-responder, check.torproject.org, bridge db,
tor weather, tor controller, tor flow, etc.</dd>

<dt>Melissa Gilroy</dt>
<dd>Ran Tor's finances and audit compliance.</dd>

<dt>Geoff Goodell</dt><dd>Started the <a
href="https://svn.torproject.org/svn/blossom/trunk/">Blossom project</a>
which uses Tor as its overlay network; also helped motivate Tor's control
interface to be as flexible as it is.</dd>
<dt>Aleksei Gorny</dt><dd> Working on
Tor exit scanner improvements (<a
href="https://svn.torproject.org/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/torflow/branches/gsoc2008/">svn</a>), originally started as part of Google Summer of Code 2008.</dd>

<dt>Sathyanarayanan Gunasekaran, Developer</dt>
<dd>Worked on Orbot in Google
Summer of Code 2011, and developed <a

<dt>Marie Gutbub, Advocate</dt>
<dd>Helps educate the world about the value of Tor, especially
in Europe.</dd>

<dt>Harmony, Support, Advocate</dt>
<dd>Wrote for <a href="<wiki>TorWeeklyNews/">Tor Weekly
News</a>, the help desk, and the browser manual.</dd>

<dt>Justin Hipple</dt><dd>The other developer for Vidalia.</dd>
<dt>Robert Hogan</dt>
<dd>Developer for the <a
href="http://tork.sf.net/">TorK</a> Tor controller, a <a
Arora fork</a>, the <a
scripts</a>, and other useful peripheral tools.</dd>

<dt>Dr. Nick Hopper, Researcher</dt>
<dd>Cryptographer, privacy expert, and professor.</dd>

<dt>Leiah Jansen, Graphic Designer</dt>
<dd>Helped make our cool logos, designs, stickers, graphics, and so on.
Invented the awesome "roots" Tor logo.</dd>

<dt>Christian King</dt><dd> Worked during the 2007 Google Summer of Code
on making Tor relays stable on
Windows, by developing a <a
implementation for libevent</a>; mentored by Nick.</dd>

<dt>Joe Kowalski</dt><dd>Original author and provider of the torstatus
script formerly run on nighteffect.</dd>

<dt>Adam Langley</dt><dd>Our fine eventdns code.</dd>
<dt>Rebecca MacKinnon</dt><dd>Former Director of Tor.  Co-Founder of <a
href="http://www.globalvoicesonline.org/">Global Voices Online</a>.</dd>

<dt>Tom Leckrone</dt>
<dd>Helps make sure everything runs smoothly. Coordinates
logistics and people and everything in between.</dd>

<dt>Bruce Leidl</dt>
<dd>Lead developer of
<a href="http://www.subgraph.com/orchid.html">Orchid</a>,
a Tor client in Java.</dd>

<dt>Andrew Lewman, Former Executive Director</dt>
<dd>Managed the business operations of The Tor Project, Inc. Played
roles of finance, advocacy, project management, strategy, press, law
enforcement liaison, and domestic violence advocacy.</dd>

<dt>Kelley Misata, Advocate</dt>
<dd>Teaches many people about the value of privacy,
especially in the contexts of domestic violence and cyber

<dt>Matt Pagan</dt>
<dd>Maintained the FAQ and other documentation, and helped answer
all the users who contact the support desk.</dd>

<dt>Chris Palmer</dt><dd>Our liaison and tech guy with EFF while EFF
was funding us. Also helped advocate and write end-user docs.</dd>

<dt>Martin Peck</dt><dd>Worked on a VM-based transparent
proxying approach for Tor clients on Windows.</dd>

<dt>Matej Pfajfar</dt><dd>Author of the original onion routing code that
Tor is based on, so we didn't have to start from scratch.</dd>

<dt>Robert Ransom</dt><dd>Found and fixed a bunch of Tor bugs, mostly in
Tor's hidden service code, and added several security and usability
features to Tor and Tor Browser Bundle.</dd>

<dt>Johannes Renner</dt><dd> Worked during the 2007 Google Summer of
Code on modifying <a
to measure various properties of the Tor network; mentored by Mike

<dt>Runa A. Sandvik, Advocate</dt>
<dd>Maintained the Tor Translation Portal and the translations for
projects such as Vidalia, Torbutton and the website.</dd>

<dt>Christian Schulz, Developer</dt>
<dd>Developed <a
href="https://globe.torproject.org/">Globe</a>, which is on
its way to replacing Atlas and eventually Compass.</dd>

<dt>Andrea Shepard, Developer</dt>
<dd>Works with Nick as a core Tor developer.</dd>

<dt>Scott Squires</dt><dd>The original developer of <a
href="<page docs/torbutton/index>">Torbutton</a>.</dd>

<dt>Jeremy Todaro</dt>
<dd>Worked on the artwork and design for various projects,
annual reports, and brochures.</dd>

<dd>Added new features for making Tor easier to use as a <a
proxy</a>. Also wrote the <a
href="http://p56soo2ibjkx23xo.onion/">TorDNSEL code</a>.</dd>
<dt>Tomás Touceda, Vidalia Developer</dt>
<dd>Worked on maintenance and new development for Vidalia.</dd>
<dt>Stephen Tyree</dt><dd> Worked during Google Summer of Code 2009 to
develop a plugin API for Vidalia
and create a plugin to allow HerdictWeb integration, a project aiming
at identifying website inaccessibility using user submissions.</dd>
<dt>Camilo Viecco</dt><dd> Worked on
Providing Blossom functionality to Vidalia as part of Google Summer of Code 2008.</dd>

<dd>Farsi translator and support desk person. also worked on

<dt>Fred von Lohmann</dt><dd>Fred served on our Board of Directors
from 2006 through 2009.</dd>
<dt>Shondoit Walker, Build Developer</dt>
<dd>Worked on streamlining and bulletproofing the Tor Browser
Bundle build process, especially on Windows.</dd>
<dt>Kyle Williams</dt><dd>Developer for JanusVM, a VMWare-based
transparent Tor proxy that makes Tor easier to set up and use.</dd>
<dt>Christian Wilms</dt><dd> Worked on
Performance Enhancing Measures for Tor Hidden Services (<a
href="https://svn.torproject.org/cgi-bin/viewvs.cgi/tor/branches/hidserv-perf/">svn</a>) as part of Google Summer of Code 2008.</dd>
<dt>Jillian C. York</dt><dd><a href="http://jilliancyork.com/">Jillian C. York</a> is a writer, blogger, and activist.</dd>

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