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  	<h1>Past Contributors</h1>
<dt>Alexandre Allaire, Developer</dt>
<dd>Helped develop and package Flash Proxy.</dd>
<dt>Carolyn Anhalt</dt><dd>Coordinated translations and translators for
all of tor's content; website, products, and materials.</dd>
<dt>Thomas S. Benjamin</dt>
<dd>Anonymous communications and bridge distribution
researcher. His other work can be found on his <a
href="http://cryptocracy.net/">personal website</a>.</dd>
<dt>Domenik Bork</dt><dd> Worked on
Configuration of Hidden Services with User Authorization in Vidalia as
part of Google Summer of Code 2008.</dd>
<dt>Benedikt Boss</dt><dd>Worked during the 2007 Google Summer of Code on <a
a fuzzer for Tor; mentored by Roger.</dd>
<dt>Ren Bucholz</dt><dd>Our fine logo and images.</dd>
<dt>Fallon Chen</dt><dd> Worked on
Improving Tor Path Selection (<a
and <a
151</a> as part of Google Summer of Code 2008.</dd>
<dt>Bram Cohen</dt><dd>Helped design our congestion control mechanisms,
in Tor's early days.</dd>
<dt>Pat Double</dt><dd>Creator of the Incognito LiveCD.</dd>
<dt>Christopher Davis, Libevent hacker</dt>
<dd>Worked during Google Summer of Code 2009 on porting
Polipo to Windows.  He currently helps with the libevent
bufferevent code.</dd>
<dt>Matt Edman</dt>
<dd>Original developer for <a href="<page projects/vidalia>">Vidalia</a>,
a cross-platform Tor Graphical User Interface included in the bundles.</dd>
<dt>Geoff Goodell</dt><dd>Started the <a
href="https://svn.torproject.org/svn/blossom/trunk/">Blossom project</a>
which uses Tor as its overlay network; also helped motivate Tor's control
interface to be as flexible as it is.</dd>
<dt>Aleksei Gorny</dt><dd> Working on
Tor exit scanner improvements (<a
href="https://svn.torproject.org/cgi-bin/viewvc.cgi/torflow/branches/gsoc2008/">svn</a>), originally started as part of Google Summer of Code 2008.</dd>
<dt>Justin Hipple</dt><dd>The other developer for Vidalia.</dd>
<dt>Robert Hogan</dt>
<dd>Developer for the <a
href="http://tork.sf.net/">TorK</a> Tor controller, a <a
Arora fork</a>, the <a
scripts</a>, and other useful peripheral tools.</dd>
<dt>Christian King</dt><dd> Worked during the 2007 Google Summer of Code
on making Tor relays stable on
Windows, by developing a <a
implementation for libevent</a>; mentored by Nick.</dd>
<dt>Joe Kowalski</dt><dd>Original author and provider of the torstatus
script formerly run on nighteffect.</dd>
<dt>Adam Langley</dt><dd>Our fine eventdns code.</dd>
<dt>Rebecca MacKinnon</dt><dd>Former Director of Tor.  Co-Founder of <a
href="http://www.globalvoicesonline.org/">Global Voices Online</a>.</dd>
<dt>Chris Palmer</dt><dd>Our liaison and tech guy with EFF while EFF
was funding us. Also helped advocate and write end-user docs.</dd>
<dt>Martin Peck</dt><dd>Worked on a VM-based transparent
proxying approach for Tor clients on Windows.</dd>
<dt>Matej Pfajfar</dt><dd>Author of the original onion routing code that
Tor is based on, so we didn't have to start from scratch.</dd>
<dt>Robert Ransom</dt><dd>Found and fixed a bunch of Tor bugs, mostly in
Tor's hidden service code, and added several security and usability
features to Tor and Tor Browser Bundle.</dd>
<dt>Johannes Renner</dt><dd> Worked during the 2007 Google Summer of
Code on modifying <a
to measure various properties of the Tor network; mentored by Mike
<dt>Scott Squires</dt><dd>The original developer of <a
href="<page torbutton/index>">Torbutton</a>.</dd>
<dt>tup (a pseudonym)</dt><dd>Added new features for
making Tor easier to use as a <a
proxy</a>. Also wrote the <a
href="http://p56soo2ibjkx23xo.onion/">TorDNSEL code</a>.</dd>
<dt>Tomás Touceda, Vidalia Developer</dt>
<dd>Worked on maintenance and new development for Vidalia.</dd>
<dt>Stephen Tyree</dt><dd> Worked during Google Summer of Code 2009 to
develop a plugin API for <a href="<page projects/vidalia>">Vidalia</a>
and create a plugin to allow HerdictWeb integration, a project aiming
at identifying website inaccessibility using user submissions.</dd>
<dt>Camilo Viecco</dt><dd> Worked on
Providing Blossom functionality to Vidalia (<a
href="http://trac.vidalia-project.net/browser/vidalia/branches/exit-country">svn</a>) as part of Google Summer of Code 2008.</dd>
<dt>Fred von Lohmann</dt><dd>Fred served on our Board of Directors
from 2006 through 2009.</dd>
<dt>Shondoit Walker, Build Developer</dt>
<dd>Worked on streamlining and bulletproofing the Tor Browser
Bundle build process, especially on Windows.</dd>
<dt>Kyle Williams</dt><dd>Developer for JanusVM, a VMWare-based
transparent Tor proxy that makes Tor easier to set up and use.</dd>
<dt>Christian Wilms</dt><dd> Worked on
Performance Enhancing Measures for Tor Hidden Services (<a
href="https://svn.torproject.org/cgi-bin/viewvs.cgi/tor/branches/hidserv-perf/">svn</a>) as part of Google Summer of Code 2008.</dd>
<dt>Jillian C. York</dt><dd><a href="http://jilliancyork.com/">Jillian C. York</a> is a writer, blogger, and activist.</dd>

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