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<dt>Google Summer of Code, 2012</dt><dd>
Brandon Wiley - <a href="http://stepthreeprivacy.org/">Python Pluggable Transports</a><br />
Feroze Naina - <a href="http://feroze.in/gsoc12.html">Hidden Service Configuration</a><br />
Michele Orrù - APAF<br />
Ravi Padmala - <a href="../about/gsocProposal/gsoc12-proposal-stemImprovements.html">Stem Improvements and Arm port</a><br />
vmon - Stegotorus</dd>

<dt>Google Summer of Code, 2011</dt><dd>
Brandon Wiley - <a href="http://stepthreeprivacy.org/">Blocking-resistant Transport Evaluation Framework</a><br />
asn - <a href="https://gitorious.org/obfsproxy/pages/Home">Pluggable transports</a><br />
Julien Voisin - <a href="https://mat.boum.org/">Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit</a><br />
Kamran Khan - <a href="http://code.inspirated.com/">GTK+ Frontend and Client Mode Improvements for arm</a><br />
Max - <a href="https://tails.boum.org/todo/TailsGreeter/blog/">Custom GDM3 startup menu, aka. tails-greeter</a><br />
Sathyanarayanan Gunasekaran - <a href="http://gsathya.in/blog/">GSoC : Orbot + ORLib</a></dd>

<dt>Anonym, bertagaz, and intrigeri</dt><dd>Maintainers of <a
href="https://tails.boum.org/">The Amnesic Incognito Live System</a>.</dd>
<dt>Marco Bonetti</dt><dd>Focusing on MobileTor for the iPhone.</dd>
<dt>Kasimir Gabert</dt><dd>Maintains TorStatus.</dd>
<dt>Marcia Hofmann and Kevin Bankston</dt><dd>EFF lawyers who helped
write the <a href="<page eff/tor-legal-faq>">Tor Legal FAQ</a> and
tirelessly answers the phone when somebody in the world has a legal
question about Tor.</dd>
<dt>Andreas Jonsson</dt><dd>Works on OS X Tor Browser Bundle sandbox
<dt>Fabian Keil</dt><dd>One of the core Privoxy developers, and also a
Tor fan. He's the reason Tor and Privoxy still work well together.</dd>
<dt>Julius Mittenzwei</dt><dd>A lawyer with the CCC in
Germany. Coordinates the German Tor community with respect to legal
questions and concerns.</dd>
<dt>Shava Nerad</dt><dd>Our former Development Director. She still works
on PR and community relations.</dd>
<dt>Lasse &Oslash;verlier</dt><dd>Writes research papers on Tor: attacks,
defenses, and resource management, especially for hidden services.</dd>
<dt>Nart Villeneuve</dt><dd>Security researcher who works with
Jacob on Internet Censorship research.</dd>
<dt>Ethan Zuckerman</dt><dd>A blogger who has written some
<a href="http://www.ethanzuckerman.com/blog/?p=1019">interesting</a>
<a href="http://advocacy.globalvoicesonline.org/projects/guide/">tutorials</a>
for how, when, and whether to use Tor. He also teaches activists around
the world about Tor and related tools.</dd>
<dt>All our relay operators, people who write <a
href="http://freehaven.net/anonbib/">research papers</a> about Tor,
people who teach others about Tor, etc.</dt>
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