[Tor Browser releases]
The Tor Browser Developers: 0x4E2C6E8793298290
Mike Perry: 0x0E3A92E4
Georg Koppen: 0x4B7C3223
Nicolas Vigier: 0xD0220E4B
Linus Nordberg: 0x23291265
Arthur Edelstein: 0xD752F538C0D38C3A

[Tor source tarballs]
Roger Dingledine: 0x28988BF5, 0x19F78451
Nick Mathewson: 0xFE43009C4607B1FB, 0x6AFEE6D49E92B601(signing key)

[older Tor tarballs]
Nick Mathewson: 0x165733EA, 0x8D29319A(signing key)

[deb.torproject.org repositories and archives]
Tor Project Archive: 0x886DDD89

[Arm releases]
Damian Johnson: 0x9ABBEEC6

[Tails live system releases]
The Tails team: 0x58ACD84F

[Torsocks releases]
David Goulet: 0x42E86A2A11F48D36

[TorBirdy releases]
Sukhbir Singh: 0xB01C8B006DA77FAA

Peter Palfrader: 0xC82E0039, 0xE1DEC577(subkey)