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    <p>The Tor Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit based in
    the United States. The official address of the organization is:

    The Tor Project<br>
    969 Main Street, Suite 206<br>
    Walpole, MA 02081-2972 USA<br><br>

    <p>The organization consists of many volunteers and a few employees.
    Please don't contact us individually about Tor topics &mdash; if you
    have a problem or question, please look through the <a href="<page
    about/contact>">contact page</a> for appropriate addresses.</p>

  	<h1>Core Tor People</h1>
          <dt>Jacob Appelbaum, Developer, Advocate, and Security Researcher</dt>
          <dd>Our main advocate.  Speaks at conferences and gives
          trainings all over the world to get people excited about Tor,
          explain how Tor is used in real world situations, and generally
          explain why anonymity online matters to you.  Original developer
          of ttdnsd, <a href="https://check.torproject.org/">Tor
          check</a>, <a href="https://exitlist.torproject.org/">Tor
          DNSEL</a>, and <a href="https://weather.torproject.org">Tor
          weather</a> site. He is also a Staff Research Scientist at
          the University of Washington Computer Security and Privacy
          Research Lab.</dd>
          <dt>Erinn Clark, Packaging and Build Automation</dt>
          <dd>Erinn is tackling the growing needs for easy to install
          and configure packages on a variety of operating systems.
          Also working on automating the build system and producing
          nightly builds for all operating systems we support. Erinn is
          also doing some advocacy by talking to audiences at FSCONS,
          CodeBits.eu, and various European universites.</dd>
          <dt>Christopher Davis, Libevent hacker</dt>
          <dd>Worked during Google Summer of Code 2009 on porting
          Polipo to Windows.  He currently helps with the libevent
          bufferevent code.</dd>
          <dt>Roger Dingledine, Project Leader; Director, Researcher</dt>
          <dd>Original developer of Tor along with Nick Mathewson and Paul
          Syverson. Leading researcher in the anonymous communications
          field.  Frequent speaker at conferences to advocate Tor and
          explain what Tor is and can do. Helps coordinate academic
          <dt>Matt Edman, Vidalia Developer; Researcher</dt>
          <dd>Lead developer for <a href="<page
          projects/vidalia>">Vidalia</a>, a cross-platform Tor Graphical
          User Interface included in the bundles.</dd>
          <dt>Nathan Freitas, Mobile phone hacker</dt>
          <dd>The driving force behind <a
          href="https://guardianproject.info">The Guardian
          Project</a> and Tor on the Android platform in the form of
          <a href="<page docs/android>">Orbot</a>. He also works on <a
          an Android library for Tor, and <a
          href="https://guardianproject.info/apps/orweb/">Orweb: A
          privacy-enhanced mobile browser</a>.</dd>
          <dt>Christian Fromme, Developer</dt>
          <dd>Christian works on all things python for Tor.  He enhanced
          and maintains a slew of codebases for us, such as the get-tor
          email auto-responder, check.torproject.org, bridge db, tor
          weather, tor controller, tor flow, etc.</dd>
          <dt>Melissa Gilroy, CFO and Internal Audit</dt>
          <dd>With a strong background in non-profit accounting and
          auditing, Melissa is in charge of Tor's finances, audit
          compliance, and keeping Tor's financial operations moving
          <dt>Sebastian Hahn, Developer</dt>
          <dd>Worked during the 2008 Google Summer of Code on a networking
          application to automatically carry out tests for Tor and during
          the 2009 Google Summer of Code on expanding our secure updater
          to include BitTorrent support. Manages our git repository,
          reviews code patches, and generally helps out a lot.</dd>
      	  <dt>Thomas S. Benjamin, Researcher</dt>
	      <dd>Anonymous communications and bridge distribution
	      researcher. His other work can be found on his <a
	      href="http://cryptocracy.net/">personal website</a></dd>
      	  <dt>Robert Hogan, Developer</dt>
	      <dd>Developer for the <a
	      href="http://tork.sf.net/">TorK</a> Tor controller, a <a
	      Arora fork</a>, the <a
	      scripts</a>, and other useful peripheral tools.</dd>
          <dt>Damian Johnson, Arm Developer</dt>
          <dd>Builds <a href="http://atagar.com/arm">Arm</a>,
          a command-line application for monitoring Tor relays and
          providing real-time status information such as the current
          configuration, bandwidth usage, message log, etc.</dd>
          <dt>Andrew Lewman, Executive Director; Director; <a href="<page press/press>">press contact</a></dt>
          <dd>Manages the business operations of The Tor Project, Inc.
          Plays roles of finance, advocacy, project management, strategy,
          press, and general support.</dd>
          <dt>Dr. Karsten Loesing, Researcher and Developer</dt>
          <dd>Worked during the 2007 Google Summer of Code on <a
          and securing the publishing and fetching of hidden
          service descriptors</a>. Currently the primary
          researcher for our National Science Foundation grant
          into <a href="http://metrics.torproject.org/">anonymous
          <dt>Nick Mathewson, Chief Architect, Researcher, Director</dt>
          <dd>One of the three original designers of Tor; does a lot
          of the ongoing design work. One of the two main developers,
          along with Roger.</dd>
          <dt>Dr. Steven Murdoch, Researcher and Developer</dt>
          <dd>Researcher at the University of Cambridge, currently funded
          by The Tor Project to improve the security, performance,
          and usability of Tor. Creator of the <a href="<page
          projects/torbrowser>">Tor Browser Bundle</a>.
          You can find out more about his work on his <a
      	  <dt>Linus Nordberg, Advocate</dt>
	      <dd>Swedish advocate for Tor, anonymous
	      communications research, and employee at <a
          <dt>Peter Palfrader, Sysadmin and Developer</dt>
          <dd>Manages the Debian packages, runs one of the directory authorities, runs the website and the wiki, and generally helps out a lot.</dd>
          <dt>Mike Perry, Torbutton and Tor Performance Developer</dt>
          <dd>Author of <a
          a Tor controller that builds paths through the
          Tor network and measures various properties and
          behaviors. Developer and maintainer of <a href="<page
          <dt>Karen Reilly, Development Director</dt>
          <dd>Responsible for fundraising, advocacy, general marketing,
          policy outreach programs for Tor. She is also available to
          speak for audiences about the benefits of online anonymity,
          privacy, and Tor.</dd>
          <dt>Runa A. Sandvik, Translation Coordinator</dt>
          <dd>Maintains the <a
          Translation Portal</a>, and works on automatically
          converting our website wml files to po files
          (and back).  She also generally helps out with the <a
          project</a>, bridge distribution through instant messaging,
          and other projects.</dd>
          <dt>Dr. Paul Syverson, Researcher</dt>
          <dd>Inventor of <a href="http://www.onion-router.net/">Onion
          Routing</a>, original designer of Tor along with Roger and
          Nick, and project leader for original design, development,
          and deployment of Tor. Currently helps out with research
          and design.</dd>
          <dt>Jeremy Todaro, Illustration &amp; Design</dt>
          <dd>Works on the artwork and design for various projects,
          annual reports, and brochures. His other work can be found at
          <a href="http://jmtodaro.com/">http://jmtodaro.com/</a>.</dd>
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