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    <h1>Tor: Running a Mirror</h1>
    <p>Thank you for wanting to mirror the Tor website.  All of
    our mirrors are publicly listed on <a href="<page getinvolved/mirrors>">our mirrors
    page</a>.  We've included some sample commands and configuration below
    to make the initial setup and ongoing maintenance a minimal effort.
    The Tor website and distribution directory currently require 5.0 GB of
    disk space.</p>
    If you would like to run a mirror, it's as easy as this command to download
    everything a mirror should share with the world:
    <br> <br>
    rsync -av --delete rsync://rsync.torproject.org/tor tor-mirror/
    In order to assure we have reliable and up to date mirrors,
    please ensure your mirror does at least the following:<br/><br/>
    Updates <b>no less</b> than every six hours, but no more frequent than every
    Allows "Directory Index / Indexes" (Index viewing) of the /dist
    Allows "Multiviews" or equivalent for language localization.<br/><br/>
    Have a valid contact email for administrative communications should your
    server have issues.<br/><br/>
    It is highly recommended for all mirror operators to subscribe to <A
    href="https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/tor-mirrors">tor-mirrors mailing
    list</A> where all mirror listing modification requests should go (ADD,
    CHANGE, DELETE, any other requests/notifications).  Also, any technical
    assistance in setting up your mirror may be found here as well.<br/><br/>
    An example cronjob to update a full mirror once every 6 hours may look like so:
    # m h  dom mon dow   command
    0 */6 * * * rsync -aq --delete rsync://rsync.torproject.org/tor/ /var/www/mirrors/torproject.org
    For mirror operators that use Apache, we have created a sample virtual host
    configuration file to use:
            ServerAdmin youremail@example.com<br/>
            DocumentRoot /var/www/mirrors/torproject.org<br/>
            &lt;Directory /var/www/mirrors/torproject.org/&gt;<br/>
                Options MultiViews Indexes<br/>
                DirectoryIndex index<br/>
                AllowOverride None<br/>
    <br/> <br/>
    Please ensure that you keep your mirror updated (we suggest automating this
    task with something like '<tt>cron</tt>'). Our website, source code and
    binary releases change often. An update frequency of six hours is recommended.  Tor users everywhere will thank you.
    If you are running a mirror, please subscribe to the
    <A href="http://archives.seul.org/tor/mirrors/">tor-mirrors mailing list</A>, and introduce yourself there.
    We will add you to the mirror list.  
    Help for mirror support and configuration issues may also be found on the list.
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