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  <div id="thanks" class="clearfix hundred">
  <div id="thanks_top">
    <img class="thankyou_h1" src="../images/thankyou_h1.jpg" height="122" width="419" alt="Thank You!">
    <p>Your donation helps support online privacy<br>&amp; censorship circumvention around the globe!</p>
  <div id="thanks_btm">
  <div id="thanks_btm_inner">
    <tr id="thanks_row">
    <td id="thanks_l">
      <img class="thankyou_h2" src="../images/thankyou_h2.png" height="46" width="195" alt="Keep In Touch!">
      <p>Sign up for our <a href="https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/tor-news">newsletter</a></p>
      <form Method="POST" ACTION="https://lists.torproject.org/cgi-bin/mailman/subscribe/tor-news">
	<label class="inactive" for="email">Enter your email address:</label><br>
	<input type="text" name="email" id="email" size="25" value="">
	<input id="submit" type="submit" name="email-button" value="GO">
    <td id="thanks_c">
      <div id="v_rule"></div>
    <td id="thanks_r">
      <img class="thankyou_h2" src="../images/thankyou_h3.png" height="46" width="142" alt="Got Skills?">
      <p>Put them to good use</p>
      <a href="<page getinvolved/volunteer>">Volunteer for The Tor Project &raquo;</a>
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