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<h2>Tor Press and Media Information</h2>
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<h3>Press Releases</h3>
<li>16 September 2010.  Tor announces an article discussing <a href="<page press/2010-09-16-ten-things-circumvention-tools>">Ten Things to Look for in a Circumvention Tool</a>.</li>
<li>25 March 2010. Tor and Printfection launch <a href="<page press/2010-03-25-tor-store-press-release>">The Tor Store</a>.</li>
<li>12 March 2009.  Tor launches a <a href="<page press/2009-03-12-performance-roadmap-press-release>">performance roadmap</a> and campaign.</li>
<li>19 December 2008.  Tor announces 3-year <a href="<page
press/2008-12-19-roadmap-press-release>">development roadmap</a>.</li>
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<h3>Quick links to better understand Tor</h3>
<li>How is Tor <a href="<page docs/faq>#Torisdifferent">different than other proxy solutions</a>?</li>
<li><a href="../press/presskit/General-Online-Anonymity-with-Tor.pdf">Why Online Privacy and Anonymity</a>?</li>
<li><a href="../press/presskit/General-Background-on-Tor-Project-Inc.pdf">Who is the Tor Project, Inc.</a>?</li>
<li><a href="<blog>circumvention-and-anonymity">Why anonymity matters for circumvention</a>.</li>

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