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    <h2><a class="anchor" href="#rpms">Tor packages for RPM-based
    linux distributions.</a></h2>
    <p><strong>Do not</strong> use the packages in the native repositories. They are
    frequently out of date. That means you'll be missing stability and
    security fixes.
    You'll need to set up our package repository before you can fetch
    Tor.  Assuming yum, in /etc/yum.repos.d/, create a file called
    torproject.repo.  Edit this file with the following information:
name=Tor and Vidalia
    If you wish to track the stable releases of Tor, you should substitute
    DISTRIBUTION with one of the following: centos4, centos5, fc13,
    fc14, fc15, suse</p>
    <p>To track experimental releases, substitute DISTRIBUTION with one of these:
    centos4-experimental, centos5-experimental, fc13-experimental,
    fc14-experimental, suse-experimental</p>

    Then install Tor by running:
<pre>yum install tor</pre>
    Now Tor is installed and running. Move on to <a href="<page
    docs/tor-doc-unix>#using">step two</a> of the "Tor on Linux/Unix"
    <p style="font-size: small">
    The DNS name <code>deb.torproject.org</code> is actually a set of independent
    servers in a DNS round-robin configuration.  If for some reason you cannot
    use it, you might be able to access one of the individual servers
    instead.  Try
    <code>mirror.netcologne.de</code> or
    <a id="source"></a>
    <h2><a class="anchor" href="#source">Building from source</a></h2>
    If you'd like to build from source, please follow the <a
    href="<gitblob>doc/tor-rpm-creation.txt">RPM creation instructions</a>.
    <p>If you have suggestions for improving this document, please <a
    href="<page about/contact>">send them to us</a>. Thanks!</p>
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