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fix the link pointing translators to how to checkout the website

Roger Dingledine authored on28/07/2006 06:56:00
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@@ -44,7 +44,8 @@ for examples of the desired translation formats.</li>
44 44
 where 1.4 is the revision number of the original page translated, to
45 45
 easily spot when a page gets out of date. The revision number is found at
46 46
 the top on each page -- it is created by CVS so be sure to
-<a href="<page developers>">checkout</a> the latest version of the website.</li>
+<a href="<page documentation>#Developers">checkout</a> the latest version
+of the website.</li>
48 49
49 50
 <li>The second line in the translated file should be the email address of
50 51
 the translator:<br />