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Dropping the navbar menu from stem's gsoc idea

Project was too tasty, did it this last weekend. :P

Damian Johnson authored on09/04/2013 05:48:32
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@@ -1096,7 +1096,6 @@ meetings around the world.</li>
1096 1096
1097 1097
1098 1098
       <li>Come up with a better, more developer friendly "Module Overview" for our documentation (<a href="">example page</a>). For instance, it would be nice to provide interlinking between the overview and the classes/methods that it lists. This will probably involve asking for help from the <a href="">Sphinx user list</a>. (<a href="">ticket</a>)</li>
-      <li>Navigation of <a href="">stem's site</a> is clunky, in large part due to the linear page flow supported by sphinx. One possible fix for this would be css-only menus, ideally as a sphinx plugin so we could contribute it back upstream.(<a href="">ticket</a>)</li>
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       <li>After getting some exposure to stem it would be time to give using it a try. Tor has a couple clients (<a href="">TorBEL</a> and <a href="">Tor Weather</a>) that are ready to be moved to stem. Hopefully porting these will also provide us with some lessons on how we can further improve stem's API. <b>Note that this would also involve polishing off <a href="#project-torbel">TorBEL</a>, including the <a href="">issues that prevent us from deploying it</a></b>. This later portion would be primarily mentored by Sebastian.</li>
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       <li><b>... other ideas?</b> The above are just some ideas I've come up with to improve usability and likely not enough to fill the summer. Feel free to suggest some of your own! For instance, one option would be to expand <a href="">stem's tutorials</a> with more examples, maybe <a href="">contacting tor-dev@</a> to brainstorm ideas. This last bit is pretty open so I look forward to seeing what you come up with!</li>
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