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     <a href="">con</a>, and <a
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     href="">academic</a>) over anonymity. The Tor project is based on the belief that anonymity is not
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     just a good idea some of the time &mdash; it is a requirement for a free and functioning society.  The <a href="">EFF maintains a good overview</a> of how anonymity was crucial to the founding of the United States.  Anonymity is recognized by US courts as a fundamental and important right. In fact, governments mandate anonymity in many cases themselves:
-    <a href="">police tip lines</a>,
+    <a href="">police tip lines</a>,
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     <a href="">adoption services</a>,
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     <a href="">police officer identities</a>,
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     and so forth. It would be impossible to rehash the entire anonymity debate here &mdash; it is too large an issue with too many nuances, and there