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Disclaimer for sharing which GSoC projects have applications

Several weeks back Moritz told GSoC applicants which project ideas people had
already applied for. Personally I'm fine with this - making this public can
spread out our strong applicants. This is good for both them and us. However,
we should be upfront about this so adding a notice to our GSoC page.

Damian Johnson authored on 12/05/2013 21:00:34
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@@ -119,7 +119,11 @@
119 119
     parts you expect to be tricky. Your proposal should also try to break
120 120
     down the project into tasks of a fairly fine granularity, and convince
121 121
     us you have a plan for finishing it. A timeline for what you will be doing
-    throughout the summer is highly recommended.</li>
+    throughout the summer is highly recommended.<br /><br />
+    <i>Note that we might share which project ideas have strong applications in
+    order to spread applicants out (it's bad for everyone for several strong
+    applicants to be for the exact same project).</i><br /><br /></li>
123 127
124 128
     <li>Point us to a code sample: something good and clean to demonstrate
125 129
     that you know what you're doing, ideally from an existing project.</li>