March 17, 2011
View 24c66a74e

fix comments in sidenav.wmi

Runa A. Sandvik authored on 17/03/2011 11:28:32
March 11, 2011
View e6e327c1c

somewhere along the line we stopped setting svn props

Roger Dingledine authored on 11/03/2011 02:15:16
January 26, 2011
View f267ce31d

fix the path to the torbutton faq in the sidenav.

Andrew Lewman authored on 26/01/2011 17:14:09
View feb8ff90b

add the torbutton faq to the side nav.

Andrew Lewman authored on 26/01/2011 17:09:08
January 12, 2011
View 49d815a74

add proxy instructions to sidenav.

Andrew Lewman authored on 12/01/2011 21:50:19
November 27, 2010
View 8d58794db

comment out the -stable man page until 0.2.2x is -stable.

Andrew Lewman authored on 27/11/2010 21:48:39
October 27, 2010
View e4aeb8003

point the General FAQ link to the static file of doom.

Andrew Lewman authored on 27/10/2010 20:44:43
October 16, 2010
View 3fb9e0016

rename easy-download to download-easy to match the rest of the naming convention. Add sigs to the tbb files as a hack. update verifying-signatures with actual package names since we have the technology to do so. rework the gpg sidenav blurb to match the download sig link.

Andrew Lewman authored on 16/10/2010 23:15:58
October 10, 2010
View 2eebc837b

add in the link to the bridge docs.

Andrew Lewman authored on 10/10/2010 04:35:21
View a4d00f185

add android and N900 install guides to the sidebar.

Andrew Lewman authored on 10/10/2010 03:23:12
October 8, 2010
View f4d76878a

clean up wiki and faq references.

Andrew Lewman authored on 08/10/2010 16:54:16
October 7, 2010
View af6f65c4d

remove the glossary. fix up the rtfm link on the download page.

Andrew Lewman authored on 07/10/2010 18:09:57
View ff7146772

link to the eff faqs from the main navbar in docs so people can find them.

Andrew Lewman authored on 07/10/2010 17:52:43
October 5, 2010
View 4f4be4adf

copy all of the images over from trunk, update versions, update the docs sidenav to name the manual pages correctly, clean up download.wml so it actually works correctly.

Andrew Lewman authored on 05/10/2010 23:12:37
July 9, 2010
View 2a9aaa802

first cut of the new, shiny tor website as wml.

Andrew Lewman authored on 09/07/2010 03:55:22