November 13, 2014
View 28a9106eb

grr. there has to be a better way

Sebastian Hahn authored on 13/11/2014 19:06:36
View f3b21a804

comment out alpha section on torbrowser page

Sebastian Hahn authored on 13/11/2014 18:57:14
October 14, 2014
View 6a4cd5898

Removes old commented videos tables and comments out outdated videos

Sherief Alaa authored on 14/10/2014 12:49:12
September 28, 2014
View 334703b5b

wipe out the torbrowser-details page.

Roger Dingledine authored on 28/09/2014 05:58:08
August 13, 2014
View 6eae356a8

Add a downloads-alpha anchor.

Mike Perry authored on 13/08/2014 02:28:37
August 12, 2014
View dfeec2efc

update versions for TB 3.6.4 and 4.0-alpha-1 and finish updating the torbrowser page

Erinn Clark authored on 12/08/2014 19:56:25
View e51ce57b0

update torbrowser website tables to include alpha bundles

Erinn Clark authored on 12/08/2014 18:32:36
August 2, 2014
View 85f8df72d

List the extensions included in Tor Browser.

Matt Pagan authored on 02/08/2014 22:23:46
View 5575f7289

Link to Tor Browser design page works now.

Matt Pagan authored on 02/08/2014 22:07:32
July 25, 2014
View 35aaeaa20

added new osx instructions and screenshot showing the .dmg file instead of the .app one.

Sherief Alaa authored on 25/07/2014 22:40:33
View e00da3fb4

Tor Browser in project page title (not a bundle).

Matt Pagan authored on 25/07/2014 19:38:45
June 22, 2014
View c448b127d

Removed "Bundle" from Tor Browser project page description

Matt Pagan authored on 22/06/2014 19:37:23
June 14, 2014
View 2557b3c51

Use canonical spelling for "OS X" on Tor Browser page

Lunar authored on 14/06/2014 09:11:55
May 30, 2014
View 1fc1690b9

Bugfix for #12159

Matt Pagan authored on 30/05/2014 05:54:35
May 8, 2014
View 72c0d5036

Cleaned up duplicate paragraph on tbb project page.

Matt Pagan authored on 08/05/2014 05:11:21