April 23, 2014
View 347dc852a

When running Ubuntu shell scripts, ask every time.

Matt Pagan authored on 23/04/2014 21:03:44
April 19, 2014
View 60761506e

There's a simpler way to run Tor Browser in Ubuntu.

Matt Pagan authored on 19/04/2014 20:43:28
April 18, 2014
View 39d97103d

Updated website SSL fingerprints FAQ.

Matt Pagan authored on 18/04/2014 00:11:00
April 3, 2014
View f947dc670

Combined the two FAQ entries; added a warning.

Matt Pagan authored on 03/04/2014 21:46:58
March 24, 2014
View dabbaef0e

Removed outdated ibus-related FAQ entry. (No longer FA'ed).

Matt Pagan authored on 24/03/2014 20:35:47
View cf814f9e4

make the faq work better on website mirrors too

Roger Dingledine authored on 24/03/2014 08:00:12
March 22, 2014
View 3f0bf308f

note that #9353 is fixed. should be fixed. we should delete this faq entry entirely in a bit.

Roger Dingledine authored on 22/03/2014 20:06:21
View 13b974783

get rid of trailing whitespace; no actual changes

Roger Dingledine authored on 22/03/2014 19:46:25
March 17, 2014
View 517f0a042

Removed IPv6 FAQ entry, which is confusing visitors (#10990)

Matt Pagan authored on 17/03/2014 18:12:08
March 14, 2014
View 31fc11b71

Delete the aforementioned FAQ entry (not frequently asked,really)

Matt Pagan authored on 14/03/2014 03:51:36
View 02635a6f1

Added Andrea's name to the faq as a tor developer.

Matt Pagan authored on 14/03/2014 03:46:20
March 6, 2014
View 082877a6f

Formatted the new FAQ entry; restored a deleted but still useful entry.

Matt Pagan authored on 06/03/2014 20:04:46
View a0a8fb38b

Applied Nick's patch.

Matt Pagan authored on 06/03/2014 17:22:32
February 24, 2014
View 98bcd650b

Visually improve sections header.

Matt Pagan authored on 24/02/2014 22:32:15
February 20, 2014
View df57496ec

Clarified torrc entry.

Matt Pagan authored on 20/02/2014 21:27:09