March 9, 2011
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now the french translation builds

Roger Dingledine authored on 09/03/2011 19:06:27
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minor fix

Runa A. Sandvik authored on 09/03/2011 18:55:38
View 170fae8a7

build the website with only english files for now

Runa A. Sandvik authored on 09/03/2011 16:51:10
View 8267aea03

updated the makefile to include translations and copied wmi files to various language directories

Runa A. Sandvik authored on 09/03/2011 14:06:44
October 10, 2010
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Update the Makefile

Sebastian Hahn authored on 10/10/2010 03:19:11
August 16, 2010
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fix up variables and spaces.

Andrew Lewman authored on 16/08/2010 20:18:15
August 12, 2010
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switch to just en

Andrew Lewman authored on 12/08/2010 18:15:48
July 9, 2010
View 2a9aaa802

first cut of the new, shiny tor website as wml.

Andrew Lewman authored on 09/07/2010 03:55:22