January 11, 2012
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Active arm development has stopped, noting low activity

Damian Johnson authored on 11/01/2012 17:59:44
August 25, 2011
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chiiph does Thandy now

Sebastian Hahn authored on 25/08/2011 23:16:49
July 20, 2011
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Several projects have moved from svn to git

Damian Johnson authored on 20/07/2011 18:22:54
June 11, 2011
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Update wiki links

Karsten Loesing authored on 11/06/2011 20:55:49
June 6, 2011
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remove the open positions page, since we don't have them.

Andrew Lewman authored on 06/06/2011 02:58:54
April 1, 2011
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Adding Thomas as a possible mentor for the 'Improving Tor's ability to resist censorship' idea, as per his request.

Damian Johnson authored on 01/04/2011 03:27:08
March 29, 2011
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HTTPS-ify links to media.tpo and archive.tpo

Robert Ransom authored on 29/03/2011 23:17:50
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Update mailing list archive links

Robert Ransom authored on 29/03/2011 23:17:33
March 28, 2011
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Ok, I lie. Nick's given tentative interest in mentoring the simulator project.

Damian Johnson authored on 28/03/2011 17:51:56
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Dropping Steven as a potential mentor (hasn't given an indication of wanting to take part this year) and hiding the "Simulator for slow Internet connections" idea

Damian Johnson authored on 28/03/2011 17:07:48
March 27, 2011
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Adding Orbot project ideas provided by Nathan.

Damian Johnson authored on 27/03/2011 21:54:10
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Remove the (dead) link to the community logo wiki entry.

Sebastian Hahn authored on 27/03/2011 20:49:36
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new and updated translations for the website

Runa A. Sandvik authored on 27/03/2011 17:46:44
March 20, 2011
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why did anyone think the roadmap was in git, fix the link. thanks to tagnaq.

Andrew Lewman authored on 20/03/2011 14:13:59
March 12, 2011
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More changes requested by intrigeri (replacing amnesia.boum.org with tails.boum.org and stripping the parenthesis from "Amnesic")

Damian Johnson authored on 12/03/2011 23:04:22