April 6, 2014
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Some updates to the PT page.

George Kadianakis authored on 06/04/2014 03:20:21
April 5, 2014
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Matt Pagan authored on 05/04/2014 10:08:20
April 3, 2014
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Combined the two FAQ entries; added a warning.

Matt Pagan authored on 03/04/2014 21:46:58
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Updated front page's fake RSS feed.

Matt Pagan authored on 03/04/2014 05:41:33
March 30, 2014
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Updated the front page calendar.

Matt Pagan authored on 30/03/2014 20:32:08
March 29, 2014
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Remove torobfsbundlealpha tags, no longer used.

David Fifield authored on 29/03/2014 17:16:23
March 28, 2014
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Linked the new TBBTraining videos videos from media.tpo #10459

Sherief Alaa authored on 28/03/2014 22:55:36
March 27, 2014
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add a sentence from download onto download-easy

Roger Dingledine authored on 27/03/2014 04:55:06
March 26, 2014
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name change as requested by rabbi rob

Roger Dingledine authored on 26/03/2014 08:15:40
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update mirror table.

Andrew Lewman authored on 26/03/2014 00:54:14
March 25, 2014
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fix country code for a mirror in Turkey.

Andrew Lewman authored on 25/03/2014 16:53:48
March 24, 2014
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Removed outdated ibus-related FAQ entry. (No longer FA'ed).

Matt Pagan authored on 24/03/2014 20:35:47
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updates suggested on irc

Roger Dingledine authored on 24/03/2014 10:33:17
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add yawning too. now we've more than doubled it.

Roger Dingledine authored on 24/03/2014 09:16:37
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Update the core people page to reflect our current community members, since we'd left it un-updated for the past 18 months or so.

Roger Dingledine authored on 24/03/2014 08:41:43