November 14, 2010
View f07f17603

closed a link tag

Runa A. Sandvik authored on 14/11/2010 01:22:06
October 28, 2010
View 5ccc26494

fix the urls to torbutton changelog, credits, and license.

Andrew Lewman authored on 28/10/2010 16:39:36
View 5d40c9804

fix page titles per ticket 2126.

Andrew Lewman authored on 28/10/2010 16:35:10
October 27, 2010
View 40e07e2ea

looks like we never set the keywords either

Roger Dingledine authored on 27/10/2010 12:31:57
October 24, 2010
View fa7d09a85

Fix all the download links on mirrors

Sebastian Hahn authored on 24/10/2010 15:54:58
October 15, 2010
View cf0595aa9

On second thought, lets just make the google search plugins more clear as to what they are.

Mike Perry authored on 15/10/2010 22:29:16
View f80ed4861

Fix broken links (bug 2076) and remove search plugins.

Mike Perry authored on 15/10/2010 22:26:38
View 8f9d2557b

fix the other bad path

Andrew Lewman authored on 15/10/2010 08:05:02
View f5e9d4786

fix the path to torbutton binaries.

Andrew Lewman authored on 15/10/2010 08:04:26
View 160dfc530

Bring back Torbutton alpha.

Mike Perry authored on 15/10/2010 00:12:28
October 13, 2010
View 2e3e14c8f

Fix link to torbutton design document. Thanks qbi

Sebastian Hahn authored on 13/10/2010 00:36:02
October 11, 2010
View 9852b60d8

fix links to design html since mikeperry does something crazy like parse semi-html with xslt transformer.

Andrew Lewman authored on 11/10/2010 19:04:01
October 10, 2010
View 844af1d0d

fix bug 2009.

Andrew Lewman authored on 10/10/2010 14:53:44
View ed5ac5461

We decided to go with HTML in favor of XHTML.

Sebastian Hahn authored on 10/10/2010 03:34:47
October 7, 2010
View d3423f8e8

fix links to torbutton section.

Andrew Lewman authored on 07/10/2010 22:37:20