January 25, 2012

Remove the ANNOUNCE_RSS hack as per ticket 4951

Sebastian Hahn authored on25/01/2012 00:54:07
January 7, 2012

noisetor doesn't tell you how to donate bitcoins, so don't list them yet

Roger Dingledine authored on07/01/2012 22:48:11
December 24, 2011

redirect bitcoin donations to those who accept it.

Andrew Lewman authored on24/12/2011 03:16:39
August 29, 2011

patches to download page to fix some display issues, layout issues, and organization issues, from jeremy

Andrew Lewman authored on29/08/2011 20:50:48
July 9, 2011

create a thank you page for donors to see after a donation, link it to our -news list for updates and newsletter, remove the old google webmaster tool auth files, rename jquery file to not include the version number to save us from updating every reference every update.

Andrew Lewman authored on09/07/2011 00:15:00
June 6, 2011

Add cta-buttons.jpg, change the floating call to action buttons, modify the css to match the changes.

Andrew Lewman authored on06/06/2011 02:54:21
May 27, 2011

remove the hard links to english pages.

Andrew Lewman authored on27/05/2011 03:20:37

roll out new pages for donations, downloads, download-easy, and css fixes to accomodate them all. All, jquery makes all of this happen, with sane fallback for those without javascript.

Andrew Lewman authored on27/05/2011 03:04:25
May 20, 2011

update the text that shows up in your donation from paypal.

Andrew Lewman authored on20/05/2011 03:20:03

convert the a3 field to amount to make paypal remember the selected amount.

Andrew Lewman authored on20/05/2011 03:18:50
May 10, 2011

move the anchors inside the div tags to match the right sections.

Andrew Lewman authored on10/05/2011 04:14:44

fix a missing </a>, link to spaces.

Andrew Lewman authored on10/05/2011 03:43:30

keeping the purple highlight clean looks better.

Andrew Lewman authored on10/05/2011 03:18:00

lets see if this looks better in the purple highlight.

Andrew Lewman authored on10/05/2011 03:14:05

make the list of ways to donate a linkable list to the correct section below.

Andrew Lewman authored on10/05/2011 03:10:35