January 25, 2012

Remove the ANNOUNCE_RSS hack as per ticket 4951

Sebastian Hahn authored on25/01/2012 00:54:07
January 23, 2012

"we" don't actually maintain everything on the projects page. in a few cases, even, nobody does.

Roger Dingledine authored on23/01/2012 23:21:53
January 16, 2012

Remove xenobite references

Sebastian Hahn authored on16/01/2012 12:12:17
November 14, 2011

fix the div tag, reduce the amount of text.

Andrew Lewman authored on14/11/2011 22:49:54

add tor cloud to the project list.

Andrew Lewman authored on14/11/2011 22:40:30
October 18, 2011

remove torbutton as a standalone project, update torbutton project description to point at torbrowser. try to implement ticket 4177.

Andrew Lewman authored on18/10/2011 03:18:07
September 10, 2011

remove the tor cloud as it's no where near ready for production.

Andrew Lewman authored on10/09/2011 05:35:44
September 9, 2011

Add the Tor Cloud project to the list of software & services

Runa A. Sandvik authored on09/09/2011 02:04:38
March 12, 2011

More changes requested by intrigeri (replacing amnesia.boum.org with tails.boum.org and stripping the parenthesis from "Amnesic")

Damian Johnson authored on12/03/2011 23:04:22

Replacing TAILS with Tails as per intrigeri's request.

Damian Johnson authored on12/03/2011 22:50:36
February 13, 2011

Replacing GetTor, TorBEL, and TorCheck with TAILS, TorStatus, and the Metrics Portal on the projects page. The reason is that these are substantial user-facing projects, and hence far more likely of interest to visitors (besides, the replaced projects were mostly just pointing to trac entry stubs).

Damian Johnson authored on13/02/2011 01:02:55
January 3, 2011

add orbot to projects, per ticket 2343.

Andrew Lewman authored on03/01/2011 22:25:39
December 26, 2010

closed more tags

Runa A. Sandvik authored on26/12/2010 18:22:48
December 8, 2010

create the gettor projects page, closing ticket 1587.

Andrew Lewman authored on08/12/2010 07:59:01
November 9, 2010

apply fixes from rransom.

Andrew Lewman authored on09/11/2010 16:35:28