December 22, 2010
View 821f7b26a

separate the file name from the download path for some of our bundles

Roger Dingledine authored on 22/12/2010 08:03:21
December 20, 2010
View b6413ff41

bump tbb IM and remove polipo from linux bundles

Erinn Clark authored on 20/12/2010 15:36:26
View 66ef3d4c3

update tor & package versions to and

Erinn Clark authored on 20/12/2010 08:45:15
December 15, 2010
View 0059573a1

bump tbb linux version

Erinn Clark authored on 15/12/2010 06:11:59
December 14, 2010
View 441ff3b34

bump some tbb versions, update download page to indicate that linux tbb is still beta, and add x86_64

Erinn Clark authored on 14/12/2010 07:20:58
November 25, 2010
View e67ce725d

bump tbb windows version to 1.3.13, include new tor stable and some other bug fixes

Erinn Clark authored on 25/11/2010 23:47:24
November 24, 2010
View 1fc68ff9b

bump stable tor versions for the tarball, windows, and osx packages

Erinn Clark authored on 24/11/2010 23:39:29
November 23, 2010
View 156b854f2

update windows and osx packages to tor

Erinn Clark authored on 23/11/2010 22:08:22
November 20, 2010
View 7c7e7d983

revert to .17-alpha for some packages until openssl weirdness is figured out

Erinn Clark authored on 20/11/2010 21:05:19
View f15edfe15

bump packages to

Erinn Clark authored on 20/11/2010 16:06:06
November 16, 2010
View c25ad6167

update tor tarball to

Erinn Clark authored on 16/11/2010 12:15:26
October 29, 2010
View c38328c77

tbb-im edition is at 1.3.12 too

Andrew Lewman authored on 29/10/2010 15:00:09
View b69ef6ca2

update tbbs to firefox 3.6.12

Erinn Clark authored on 29/10/2010 12:24:23
October 28, 2010
View 27c5fcd72

the tor im browser is still at 1.3.10.

Andrew Lewman authored on 28/10/2010 17:01:23
View b06fb4920

osx users, we love you and we fixed the geoip problem on your platform so now you can have vidalia bundles again. xoxo.

Erinn Clark authored on 28/10/2010 10:19:14