November 26, 2012

update the jobs page with the support-translator-position

Runa A. Sandvik authored on26/11/2012 17:13:49
October 4, 2012

network got bigger

Roger Dingledine authored on04/10/2012 05:07:01

add the text for dcf's flashproxy position (but call it pluggable transports, since flash isn't the skillset we want and since i hope to make the position something broader once flashproxy rules the earth).

Roger Dingledine authored on04/10/2012 03:12:22
September 28, 2012

link to new job page

Roger Dingledine authored on28/09/2012 01:26:32
September 27, 2012

make it clearer that we don't want to hire a core dev person right now

Roger Dingledine authored on27/09/2012 20:03:35
June 28, 2012

link to the browser hacker

Roger Dingledine authored on28/06/2012 05:57:07
June 4, 2012

make an overview jobs page. now there's room for the QA automation build engineer world savior position, or whatever it will turn out to be called.

Roger Dingledine authored on04/06/2012 21:52:03
April 20, 2012

cjb thought 'dedicated' was a bit subtle

Roger Dingledine authored on20/04/2012 05:40:24

cjb suggests we be even clearer that we don't care about your country

Roger Dingledine authored on20/04/2012 05:25:36

damian points out that the job summary sentence should be first

Roger Dingledine authored on20/04/2012 04:25:40

first go at our shiny new jobs page

Roger Dingledine authored on20/04/2012 04:21:18