September 6, 2011

apply jeremy's patch for osx tbb and language issues.

Andrew Lewman authored on06/09/2011 20:49:32
September 4, 2011

download, js, and css patches from jeremy.

Andrew Lewman authored on04/09/2011 16:04:31
September 1, 2011

update all versions of tor browser bundle to the 2.2.x series with firefox 6. update the torbrowser page to reflect this too.

Erinn Clark authored on01/09/2011 04:34:55
August 31, 2011

Add relay-/exit-by-default packages to the download page

Karsten Loesing authored on31/08/2011 15:56:36
August 30, 2011

0.2.1 is no longer the stable branch

Roger Dingledine authored on30/08/2011 01:07:06

add macros to new download page so it will display the correct versions

Erinn Clark authored on30/08/2011 00:17:05
August 29, 2011

patches to download page to fix some display issues, layout issues, and organization issues, from jeremy

Andrew Lewman authored on29/08/2011 20:50:48

new download page layout from jeremy from ticket 3590.

Andrew Lewman authored on29/08/2011 04:37:19
August 1, 2011

confirm the trend that $5 is better than $10.

Andrew Lewman authored on01/08/2011 23:01:43
July 15, 2011

Stop recommending that people use bittorrent over Tor if they use TAILS

Sebastian Hahn authored on15/07/2011 14:11:40
July 9, 2011

create a thank you page for donors to see after a donation, link it to our -news list for updates and newsletter, remove the old google webmaster tool auth files, rename jquery file to not include the version number to save us from updating every reference every update.

Andrew Lewman authored on09/07/2011 00:15:00
July 8, 2011

changed expert package to expert bundle, we should be consistent

Runa A. Sandvik authored on08/07/2011 15:06:59
July 1, 2011

bump the suggested donation to $10 to continue the experiment.

Andrew Lewman authored on01/07/2011 03:30:33
May 30, 2011

remove the 'please consider a donation' sidenav link.

Andrew Lewman authored on30/05/2011 14:13:48
May 27, 2011

rransom is correct, it's page donate/donate.

Andrew Lewman authored on27/05/2011 03:25:07