November 13, 2011

break version-torbrowserbundleosx into 32 and 64, so in the future helix can version them separately if she needs to

Roger Dingledine authored on13/11/2011 01:36:26
October 27, 2011

update download-easy to handle 32/64bit choices from ticket 4231.

Andrew Lewman authored on27/10/2011 20:36:51
September 28, 2011

and we have a new download-easy page from ticket 3926.

Andrew Lewman authored on28/09/2011 14:48:57
September 6, 2011

apply jeremy's patch for osx tbb and language issues.

Andrew Lewman authored on06/09/2011 20:49:32
August 30, 2011

move the wmi file to the include/ directory

Roger Dingledine authored on30/08/2011 01:07:48