October 7, 2010
View af6f65c4d

remove the glossary. fix up the rtfm link on the download page.

Andrew Lewman authored on 07/10/2010 18:09:57
September 27, 2010
View 088de2789

fix up the info blurb, update navigation for about links, remove 3 pages replaced by the general overview, fix up download warning.

Andrew Lewman authored on 27/09/2010 22:31:47
August 18, 2010
View 51e02b8bc

move torbutton back to a main path rather than buried in projects, update versions.wmi to be current, update the mirrors table, need a better blurb in info.wmi.

Andrew Lewman authored on 18/08/2010 14:06:31
July 9, 2010
View 2a9aaa802

first cut of the new, shiny tor website as wml.

Andrew Lewman authored on 09/07/2010 03:55:22