October 20, 2011

swap torstatus and torbuttton positions in the project list.

Andrew Lewman authored on20/10/2011 16:18:49
October 18, 2011

remove torbutton as a standalone project, update torbutton project description to point at torbrowser. try to implement ticket 4177.

Andrew Lewman authored on18/10/2011 03:18:07
September 4, 2011

make download-easy the default.

Andrew Lewman authored on04/09/2011 15:41:39
August 30, 2011

link the new release on the main page, add the press release link as well.

Andrew Lewman authored on30/08/2011 06:06:32
August 7, 2011

apply patch from jeremy to fix the project layout, standardize project icons, and css fixes for both rtl and ltr languages.

Andrew Lewman authored on07/08/2011 23:16:31
August 4, 2011

make orbot use its own logo, based on feedback from randoms.

Andrew Lewman authored on04/08/2011 05:18:37
August 2, 2011

roughly zero people have the tails.boum.org CA in their browser and will all freak out and bludgeon us with 'omg the cert is invalid!' emails, like they did on the blog when i linked to https:///tails.boum.org.

Andrew Lewman authored on02/08/2011 05:55:31

Using the Google droid rather than Orbot logo on the front page

Damian Johnson authored on02/08/2011 05:48:26

Adding Tails, Orbot, TorStatus, and arm to the site front page

Damian Johnson authored on02/08/2011 05:21:40
March 23, 2011

update the announcements with the FSF award.

Andrew Lewman authored on23/03/2011 20:58:26
March 12, 2011

betcha didn't know we had a new stable release a few weeks ago

Roger Dingledine authored on12/03/2011 00:54:33

does the extra whitespace in the torusers links actually matter? i hope not.

Roger Dingledine authored on12/03/2011 00:51:56

clean up url (noticed while cleaning up russian translation)

Roger Dingledine authored on12/03/2011 00:50:35
March 11, 2011

how was our frontpage wml labelled 'low priority' for translating?

Roger Dingledine authored on11/03/2011 23:59:01
January 30, 2011

change that first sentence.

Andrew Lewman authored on30/01/2011 23:03:59