February 14, 2011
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rename the files to remove the dates, update the general background on tor presentation, update the links to the files.

Andrew Lewman authored on 14/02/2011 01:36:29
October 27, 2010
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looks like we never set the keywords either

Roger Dingledine authored on 27/10/2010 12:31:57
October 24, 2010
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Also fix links in /press

Sebastian Hahn authored on 24/10/2010 15:59:46
October 10, 2010
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We decided to go with HTML in favor of XHTML.

Sebastian Hahn authored on 10/10/2010 03:34:47
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fix another 404 from the frontpage. then use <blog> more consistently.

Roger Dingledine authored on 10/10/2010 02:26:26
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fix broken links in the press pages

Roger Dingledine authored on 10/10/2010 00:07:56
October 7, 2010
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rename the press index page to press to make the navbar work correctly.

Andrew Lewman authored on 07/10/2010 23:00:36
September 20, 2010
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clean up the press section to make it less duplicative of content.

Andrew Lewman authored on 20/09/2010 19:15:20
August 12, 2010
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change all of the breadcrumbs from page home to page index.

Andrew Lewman authored on 12/08/2010 17:17:47
July 9, 2010
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first cut of the new, shiny tor website as wml.

Andrew Lewman authored on 09/07/2010 03:55:22