March 12, 2011
View c34cd538e

More changes requested by intrigeri (replacing with and stripping the parenthesis from "Amnesic")

Damian Johnson authored on 12/03/2011 23:04:22
View a7772107b

Replacing TAILS with Tails as per intrigeri's request.

Damian Johnson authored on 12/03/2011 22:50:36
March 10, 2011
View 2f681bc97

change some activity levels

Roger Dingledine authored on 10/03/2011 21:56:23
February 27, 2011
View 7ff986384

Dropping packaging from the arm client use cases project idea and linking to further descriptions of the remaining projects.

Damian Johnson authored on 27/02/2011 21:26:25
February 26, 2011
View ae30497f9

Low priority project idea for an arm gui.

Damian Johnson authored on 26/02/2011 03:49:26
February 23, 2011
View d9514ed13

Write a not-for-GSoC indicator for the GeoIP project, but leave it commented out for now

Robert Ransom authored on 23/02/2011 14:27:20
View f15d1f517

Revise the GeoIP project idea slightly

Robert Ransom authored on 23/02/2011 14:16:10
View bf3342166

Add two more project ideas to the volunteer page

Robert Ransom authored on 23/02/2011 14:15:41
February 22, 2011
View daed4632f

Clean up TAILS project descriptions

Robert Ransom authored on 22/02/2011 04:30:33
View a2854e543

Tails project ideas provided by intrigeri.

Damian Johnson authored on 22/02/2011 03:29:09
February 21, 2011
View 365df400e

Fix links that broke due to splitting the spec in its own repo

Sebastian Hahn authored on 21/02/2011 23:10:53
February 16, 2011
View d10c89a29

Remove a spurious blank line

Robert Ransom authored on 16/02/2011 01:39:17
February 15, 2011
View 6018c1c0f

Changing Orbot to light activity (unsure if this is right since development's elsewhere)

Damian Johnson authored on 15/02/2011 16:34:28
February 14, 2011
View 316d538a5

Modifications for the projects listing: - More clearly marking TBB, TAILS, and Torouter as being sys admin tasks. - Changing the activity on TBB (misread the commits - most activity is version bumps rather than development) - Suggestion by karsten: - Replacing the 'etc' with Sebastian for Tor - Listing kaner with GetTor and nickm with BridgeDB - Revised description of TorRouter's activity - Removing the 'General' metrics repo - Dropping the metrics project idea

Damian Johnson authored on 14/02/2011 18:02:38
February 13, 2011
View 9edcbcc9c

Setting Robert Hogan as the mentor for the torsocks project (as per his request).

Damian Johnson authored on 13/02/2011 20:59:25