August 13, 2012
Viewce0e444c1 tarball is up

Roger Dingledine authored on13/08/2012 06:32:00
August 12, 2012

update obfsproxy page with new 2.3.20-rc tor browser bundles

Erinn Clark authored on12/08/2012 23:13:26

bump all but ppc alpha bundles to

Erinn Clark authored on12/08/2012 22:50:47
August 6, 2012
Viewfa5316e19 tarball is up

Roger Dingledine authored on06/08/2012 03:12:19
July 29, 2012

add the osx 64-bit tbb to versions and torbrowser download page

Erinn Clark authored on29/07/2012 22:22:10

actually update the tbb alpha release versions too

Erinn Clark authored on29/07/2012 22:18:44

bump all alpha bundles to, stable tbbs to 2.2.37-2, and vidalia to 0.2.20

Erinn Clark authored on29/07/2012 22:11:09
July 17, 2012

point at the correct win32 expert bundle name.

Andrew Lewman authored on17/07/2012 05:07:07
July 6, 2012
View72ddc2bc6 tarball is up

Roger Dingledine authored on06/07/2012 23:01:08
June 28, 2012
View612c8587a tarball is up

Roger Dingledine authored on28/06/2012 21:53:26
June 15, 2012
Viewf98b93fcf tarball is up

Roger Dingledine authored on15/06/2012 10:27:56
June 12, 2012

bump all stable packages for tor

Erinn Clark authored on12/06/2012 21:27:58

tag and upload, since i see signed packages for it

Roger Dingledine authored on12/06/2012 13:40:14
June 6, 2012
View77950b96c tarball is (or at least will be) up

Roger Dingledine authored on06/06/2012 00:31:26
June 5, 2012

unless i am mistaken, we never use these three tags. even though we've been updating them.

Roger Dingledine authored on05/06/2012 15:41:53