January 17, 2010
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omnibus update of s/svnsandbox/gitweb links in all languages. still need to fix thandy links and githax which doesn't exist in gitweb yet.

Andrew Lewman authored on 17/01/2010 05:44:57
December 22, 2009
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revert r21309 and r21310

Andrew Lewman authored on 22/12/2009 04:42:35
December 21, 2009
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change no to nb, se to sv

Andrew Lewman authored on 21/12/2009 21:45:06
October 25, 2007
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Change all wiki.noreply to wiki.torproject

Nick Mathewson authored on 25/10/2007 14:43:47
September 30, 2007
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Translation/mainetance update of web-svn

Bogdan Drozdowski authored on 30/09/2007 11:49:06
September 11, 2007
View 9bdd40d8b

Add CHARSET="UTF-8" for force encoding in every other language too.

Andrew Lewman authored on 11/09/2007 01:26:33
April 15, 2007
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clean up the translations so they build

Roger Dingledine authored on 15/04/2007 08:38:25
View 8a9d5afba

Swedish pages and revisions from Lasse Ahvenainen.

Nick Mathewson authored on 15/04/2007 06:38:45