April 30, 2014
View ef9548796

fix the filename for the new osx tbb's

Roger Dingledine authored on 30/04/2014 02:30:41
March 24, 2014
View 67a675811

whee, these links were broken before and we hadn't noticed. now we noticed.

Roger Dingledine authored on 24/03/2014 08:05:46
View cb5bd1085

use the <page> tag consistently in the download pages too

Roger Dingledine authored on 24/03/2014 07:54:56
March 19, 2014
View 0e17b23e7

Link to the TBB beta table too.

Roger Dingledine authored on 19/03/2014 07:30:41
March 14, 2014
View 395412c1a

Dropped the line that encourages extracting what is actually an installer.

Matt Pagan authored on 14/03/2014 16:53:45
December 19, 2013
View 48361a1c1

comment out more 64-bit osx stuff. I apologize to future people who have to edit my wml changes, especially if that future person is me.

Erinn Clark authored on 19/12/2013 06:18:39
View 471dc4a49

update the website for the big TBB 3.x release!

Erinn Clark authored on 19/12/2013 01:10:44
December 10, 2013
View ae26aad0e

Cleanup; added FAQ entries.

Matt Pagan authored on 10/12/2013 22:46:42
View 01f0dd22c

Cleanup. Added two FAQ entries: How do I decide if I should run a relay? Why isn't my relay being used more?

Matt Pagan authored on 10/12/2013 08:41:10
December 6, 2013
View a6d5b4252

Added a warning against tor+bittorrent in the warning message.

Matt Pagan authored on 06/12/2013 20:50:39
November 11, 2013
View 03cb32acd

use the wml link macros we made for tor gitweb

Roger Dingledine authored on 11/11/2013 04:08:48
October 3, 2013
View 203313cf5

point to https://www.eff.org/pages/tor-and-https from our warnings

Roger Dingledine authored on 03/10/2013 00:18:42
August 7, 2013
View e9a8236a3

Fix TAILS links to use HTTPS (patch from intrigeri).

George Kadianakis authored on 07/08/2013 17:37:50
May 6, 2013
View 17c64884f

fix a grammar mistake.

Andrew Lewman authored on 06/05/2013 15:34:14
January 21, 2013
View a33eb13c4

try to address ticket 7659

Andrew Lewman authored on 21/01/2013 02:59:56