February 19, 2012
View d5ad01776

Revert the non-version changes of previous commit

Sebastian Hahn authored on 19/02/2012 13:54:52
View a7d1ede05

update version numbers for corrected tbbs on windows and osx 64-bit

Erinn Clark authored on 19/02/2012 13:44:32
February 17, 2012
View bfe9fa6da

Move the TORGIT config option to Makefile.local

Peter Palfrader authored on 17/02/2012 17:50:37
February 13, 2012
View 1f52c36cb

new alpha release goes here too i guess

Roger Dingledine authored on 13/02/2012 17:52:52
February 6, 2012
View 0422a92e8

bump the alpha version to

Sebastian Hahn authored on 06/02/2012 16:58:37
January 25, 2012
View dc600d540

revert sebastian's sneaky ploy to infest the world with killerchickens.

Andrew Lewman authored on 25/01/2012 03:25:56
View 7e8a34bab

Grab the last modified date from git if svn is unavailable

Sebastian Hahn authored on 25/01/2012 03:12:01
January 16, 2012
View 1265ca47f

Revert part of "get all the expert bundle versions"

Sebastian Hahn authored on 16/01/2012 11:56:03
January 5, 2012
View 2cef138db

get all the expert bundle versions

Erinn Clark authored on 05/01/2012 19:46:55
January 1, 2012
View 484cc9973

update the makefile to current versions of tor.

Andrew Lewman authored on 01/01/2012 17:40:45
November 13, 2011
View f07088a93

revert the customizations to makefile, remove the old javascript.

Andrew Lewman authored on 13/11/2011 03:35:57
November 12, 2011
View b744eab00

revert erinn's makefile clobber from r25202

Roger Dingledine authored on 12/11/2011 22:23:58
View 0227f5ccc

bump tbb versions to 2.2.34-2

Erinn Clark authored on 12/11/2011 02:10:14
September 29, 2011
View 2fab75df8 tarballs are up

Roger Dingledine authored on 29/09/2011 01:37:38
September 14, 2011
View 121749fba

seems kind of silly to have to bump the makefile for every release too

Roger Dingledine authored on 14/09/2011 08:41:12