Recent commits to tor-webwml.git (2020aafe05429830338c78bc35d6a4afa03b30a6) 2016-04-17T01:59:09+02:00,2012:commit/2020aafe05429830338c78bc35d6a4afa03b30a6 get rid of another terrible obsolete page 2016-04-17T01:59:09+02:00 Roger Dingledine <pre>&lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/3a747edd20e145b0cb252512676d9d6f0465bab5 drop the detailed mailing list discussion, since we have a wiki page for it 2016-04-17T01:19:33+02:00 Roger Dingledine <pre>if somebody wants to go make the wiki page more welcoming, that would be grand. &lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/eb2c0b7b31a67fe3cd38dd231b32fb2a23e0549e get rid of the orphan "telephone" header 2016-04-16T21:35:34+02:00 Roger Dingledine <pre>(and also the commented out text, since it's unlikely we're going to be turning that back on anytime soon) &lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/ae30bea6ac3219a8b07cddcefa141139787adbfd unlink those two obsolete pages 2016-04-15T23:33:48+02:00 Roger Dingledine <pre>also, link the corepeople page as a sub-bullet, because that's how it's done on the documentation pages. now there are two things you can click that get you to corepeople. this is not perfect, but it's better than the alternative where you don't even realize it's a thing you can click on. &lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/4a161bab4dd5aae8f6de6e174ef4103d4a063054 same with the obsolete translators page 2016-04-15T23:28:41+02:00 Roger Dingledine <pre>&lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/43600056394413c352b3cdd98196d0ef5182de1d this page has had no love in years 2016-04-15T23:27:31+02:00 Roger Dingledine <pre>deprecate it in favor of corepeople &lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/dcd7277ea6a129fc10eedb5828d941dce8f49390 update the sponsors page for 2016 2016-04-13T00:31:45+02:00 Roger Dingledine <pre>&lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/3d753a18495742eca78835e5a5f5ee75034656b6 try to make it clearer that execdir/donations/etc are not helpdesk 2016-04-11T07:02:33+02:00 Roger Dingledine <pre>&lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/a01df20857a4fa5468e80468126097fed46e6b9e make the items in our list be items in our list 2016-04-07T17:40:53+02:00 Roger Dingledine <pre>&lt;/pre&gt;,2012:commit/5c390ab853cf6c9e00a4524eb2580d2bb723d2b1 Fix typo 2016-04-07T13:59:25+02:00 Sebastian Hahn <pre>&lt;/pre&gt;