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This file belongs to the Webinterface of Hosting. Please see for the newest source files. Written by Hosting, namely Bernd Wurst <> Hanno Böck <> This code is published under a 0BSD license. Nevertheless, in case you use a significant part of this code, we ask (but not require, see the license) that you keep the authors' names in place and return your changes to the public. We would be especially happy if you tell us what you're going to do with this code. This software is in production use as customer self-service webinterface operated on for use by the customers of Hosting. We are a small web hosting company in Germany and operate our servers with free software. We release the source code of this software to the public in hope it will be useful for someone. Possibly it will be not because the underlaying database is not well documented and to have an effect, there is a need for a bunch of shell-/ python-Scripts. For the moment, those scripts are not released because they may contain confidential information and we have to triple-check this before we can do so. If you think you have a need for this software and you have trouble fiddeling out the database scheme or want to have some of our scripts as well, please contact us. If you have improvements, bugreports or just comments on our code, we would like to hear from you! March 2012, Bernd Wurst <>