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 <dt>Anonym</dt><dd>Maintainer of the Incognito LiveCD.</dd>
 <dt>Kevin Bankston</dt><dd>EFF lawyer who helped write the <a
 href="<page eff/tor-legal-faq>">Tor Legal FAQ</a> and
 tirelessly answers the phone when somebody in the world has a legal
 question about Tor.</dd>
 <dt>Marco Bonetti</dt><dd>Focusing on MobileTor for the iPhone.</dd>
 <dt>Kasimir Gabert</dt><dd>Maintains the <a
 href="https://torstatus.kgprog.com/">TorStatus</a> statistics pages.</dd>
 <dt>Andreas Jonsson</dt><dd>Works on OS X Tor Browser Bundle sandbox technology.</dd>
 <dt>Fabian Keil</dt><dd>One of the core Privoxy developers, and also a
 Tor fan. He's the reason Tor and Privoxy still work well together.</dd>
 <dt>Bruce Leidl</dt><dd>Working on a Tor client in Java.</dd>
 <dt>Julius Mittenzwei</dt><dd>A lawyer with the CCC in
 Germany. Coordinates the German Tor community with respect to legal
 questions and concerns.</dd>
 <dt>Shava Nerad</dt><dd>Our former Development Director. She still works
 on PR and community relations.</dd>
 <dt>Linus Nordberg</dt><dd>Enjoys measuring the Tor network and helps
 with outreach in the Nordic countries.</dd>
 <dt>Lasse &Oslash;verlier</dt><dd>Writes research papers on Tor: attacks,
 defenses, and resource management, especially for hidden services.</dd>
 <dt>Martin Peck</dt><dd>Working on a VM-based transparent
 proxying approach for Tor clients on Windows.</dd>
 <dt>rovv (a pseudonym -- he's managed to stay anonymous even from
 us!)</dt><dd>The most dedicated bug reporter we've ever heard from. He
 must read Tor source code every day over breakfast.</dd>
 <dt>tup (another pseudonym)</dt><dd>Periodically adds new features for
 making Tor easier to use as a <a
 proxy</a>. Also maintains the <a
 href="http://p56soo2ibjkx23xo.onion/">TorDNSEL code</a>.</dd>
 <dt>Kyle Williams</dt><dd>Developer for
 JanusVM, a VMWare-based
 transparent Tor proxy that makes Tor easier to set up and use.</dd>
 <dt>Ethan Zuckerman</dt><dd>A blogger who has written some
 <a href="http://www.ethanzuckerman.com/blog/?p=1019">interesting</a>
 <a href="http://advocacy.globalvoicesonline.org/tools/guide/">tutorials</a>
 for how, when, and whether to use Tor. He also teaches activists around
 the world about Tor and related tools.</dd>
 <dt>All our relay operators, people who write <a
 href="http://freehaven.net/anonbib/">research papers</a> about Tor,
 people who teach others about Tor, etc.</dt>
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