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Noisetor has started telling people how to send them bitcoins.

Also, the riseup address was a generic riseup donate address, not
anything specific about tor or tor relays, so drop it. Unless we have
reason to believe bitcoins to Riseup through this link will result in
more Tor relays?

Roger Dingledine authored on28/08/2013 03:35:30
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@@ -227,7 +227,7 @@ href="">Continue to Dwolla
227 227
228 228
     <p>Instead of donating bitcoins to Tor, please consider a donation to
229 229
     <a href=""></a>,
-     <a href="">Riseup</a>,
+    <a href="">NoiseTor</a>,
231 231
     or <a href="">Tails</a>
232 232
     which will turn your bitcoin donation into a faster, larger Tor
233 233
     Network for all.</p>