August 19, 2017
View a08c3c7

refactored lookup code to avoid duplication

Raymund Zacharias authored on 19/08/2017 02:39:18
August 18, 2017
View b3c4063

added support of another template type used for marking up etymologies

Raymund Zacharias authored on 18/08/2017 20:52:34
View 03b288b

new line type adjusted(?)

Raymund Zacharias authored on 18/08/2017 05:42:56
View fedd813

implemented ancestor lookup

Raymund Zacharias authored on 18/08/2017 05:37:37
August 14, 2017
View 9d1aeac

separated the descendants acquisition logic from and implemented actual fetching of wiktionary data

Raymund Zacharias authored on 14/08/2017 10:59:04
April 17, 2017
View 47f24f0

Merge branch 'master' of zucker:fs-workbench

Fenris Wolf authored on 17/04/2017 12:01:48
View c871fa6


Fenris Wolf authored on 17/04/2017 12:01:43
May 29, 2016
View 6a302f9

added encoding attribute to make sure UTF-8 encoding is used for the resulting concatenated files since some (why only some is miraculous) of the concatenated files otherwise are encoded with ANSI which leads to character corruption for characters not found in ANSI

Raymund Zacharias authored on 29/05/2016 15:44:56
May 28, 2016
View f97c57b

added small test

fenris authored on 28/05/2016 19:59:16
View ffd4c85

added class 'word'

fenris authored on 28/05/2016 19:43:20
View 07181f3

some basic stuff / test-commit

fenris authored on 28/05/2016 19:14:48